Whiskas Milk 3x200ml

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Most cats love milk. But did you know that the lactose (milk sugar) found in cow's milk can be difficult for some cats to digest? Whiskas® cat milk has been specially developed by top nutritionists and vets to provide a healthier alternative.For starters, whiskas® cat milk contains much less lactose than you'd find in the same amount of cow's milk. It's also got the same great taste of ordinary milk and is a natural source of calcium (which will help keep her bones strong and healthy). Every lap is full of goodnesswhiskas® cat milk has been specially developed by leading nutritionists and vets to help keep your cat in peak condition.Ingredients milk and milk derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals. Analysis % protein 3.2%, fat 3.3%, ash 0.8%, fiber 0.4%, moisture 87.0%, calcium 0.1%.Whiskas® cat milk comes in a 200ml bottle. Whiskas® cat milk is suitable for kittens and cats over 6 weeks old.

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